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What have we learned about a mysterious Irish businessman who goes by the name of P.J King?

What have we learned about a mysterious Irish businessman who goes by the name of P.J King?

King first became known to the general public when we heard about Sir Richard Branson’s space travel project. King was one of those ridiculously rich people thrilled to embark on what was supposed to be the greatest adventure since the beginning of humankind – trip to outer space. P. J was proud to be the first Irishman to travel to space, particularly considering that he wasn’t born in wealth. In several interviews he gave back in 2012 when the first trip was planned, he never failed to mention that he was born in a shepherd’s family and had to work hard to get to where he was. That project as well as other Branson’s projects failed, but King sort of stayed in the center of the space tourism business, saying that he will keep on until he fulfills his childhood dream. At the same time, many became curious about this eccentric businessman.

Life of P. J King

As we mentioned, King was born in an ordinary shepherd’s family. But being an intelligent by and hardworking student he got accepted to Trinity College in Dublin where he got the B.A in Physics. Since he dreamed of becoming an astronaut from a young age he continued his studies in the field of Astronautics and Space Engineering at Cranfield University. After that, he was planning to finish a Ph.D. program but dropped out somewhere in the middle.

Business Endeavors

His career began with his own company Clockworks International, which started in his bedroom. The company quickly experienced success. Shortly after, however, King seems to have made several wrong moves that lead to its bankruptcy and his disappearance. From this moment, don’t hesitate to invest in quite risky and suspicious business projects that all end with failure regardless of the type of industry. On that note, his latest project is a company called Venturion LLC about which we don’t know much. The only thing that we know is what officially published that it is a company involved in bitcoin and blockchain development.

Suspicion of Criminal Activities

If you are wondering how is it possible that someone with such a poor business record manages to accumulate so much money to travel to space maybe you should look elsewhere. There are a lot of rumors about Mr. King, saying these are all fake businesses that serve as a screen for something else. It is believed that King, and his team of associates among whom, the most common name is Michael Blum runs underground in Asia. Allegedly they own hotels in Singapore and other countries where they provide access to black gambling, prostitution, drugs, and so on to elites from the States and Europe.

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